Pyara Kerketta Foundation


We are traditional and modern multi-media community storyteller

Adivasi Darshan

This is just a 10-minute film about the Adivasi Worldview. There is no mention of Adivasi Worldview anywhere, in any of the writings written by non-tribals, religious-mythological texts like philosophy, political science, sociology, literature-science. In the name of philosophy and ideology we only know about Marx, Gandhi etc. Adivasi philosophy is the first living system of human beings on earth.

First Nation, Better Nation

For the last 2600 years, the whole world is trying to become a better world. But in this world there is an Adivasi world which is better than the last 30 thousand years. Know who the world is living in the imagination and who is in reality.

Pathalgadi : Declaration of Adivasi Self rule

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Adivasis : Oldest inhabitant of the Asia

Adivasi communities of Munda group is the oldest inhabitant of the Asia subcontinent. Recent gene-based studies have proved that the Munda group, which mainly speak Austro-Asiatic language, is a natural breed of Indian land.

Telenga: Nadni
Story of Adivasi warrior Telenga Kharia

It is a first historical biographic film in Kharia Language with Hindi subtitle.

Johar Sahiya

Visual adv. of First colorful Nagpuri-Sadri monthly magazine published from Ranchi, Jhrkhand

Asur Adi Gyan Abhiyan by Sushma Asur

This video belongs to the primitive tribal community Asur who gave knowledge of iron (steel)to the world.

This is a glimpse of our creative works. We built them at the local level with the help of community and on the strength of limited resources.