Jaipal Julius Hanna National Literary Award

On the occasion of World Indigenous Day 2022 an initiative of Pyara Kerketta Foundation, Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Literary Award 2022

The Award

Johar. The expansion of Adivasi literature is necessary. With this, the creative struggle of the Adivasis will come to the fore and we will be able to strengthen the Adivasidom. We will be able to strengthen the ground struggle for ancestral rights of Land, Water and forest. For this, on the occasion of this World Indigenous day, we want to give opportunity to those Adivasi writers who are writing or want to write. But they do not get publishers. Even if publishers are found, they take books for free, some even take money for printing, but by giving two or four books and assuring royalty, they push out the author. It does not make any difference to those who are employed Adivasi writers, but for those who are new, even money for tea and water cannot be juggled by writing. That's why we have come up with this award scheme. In which new / old Adivasi writers of any age can participate. Submit yours work, if you have the original manuscript ready or can do it by August 20th, 2022.

Literary Award 2022

Who can participate

If You are an AdivasiFirstNation people
from any age and any community
and want to write or you have a written book
and want to published, or know someone,
whose writings have not been published,
in any Adivasi/Indian/English language, any script, any Genre.
(poetry, story, drama, novel, essay etc.)
Then this award is for you.

Literary Award 2022

Three awardee gets -

- Opportunity to be published in book form.
- Free 50 copies of the published book.
- 10 percent annual royalty on published book.
- Cash royalty of 100 books at the award ceremony

Literary Award 2022

Sending the manuscript -

- The manuscript must be original and unpublished between 80 and 100 pages.
- The font size should not exceed 13 and the manuscript should be in A5 size.
- The manuscript is required to be submitted in both Word and PDF format.
- If the manuscript is in English or any other Indian or Adivasi language other than Hindi, then it is mandatory to send its abstract in Hindi.
- Also attach your high resolution current photo and CV.
The decision of the jury constituted by the PKF will be final.

Register here to participate
after registration submit your manuscript at

The award will be announced on August 30, 2022 and manuscript submission last date is August 20, 2022.

Participate, enrich AdivasiFirstNation literature and strengthen Adivasidom.