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Oral Adivasi History Project

Oral Adivasi
History Project

What is the oral history of more than 700 Adivasi communities of North, South, East, West and Central India? Who are the Adivasis? Are they born here or have they come from somewhere else? When did they start hunting and farming after leaving the cave? When were the settlements made? In what period were languages ??invented and in what time were they written for the first time? When was the fabric of family relationships and gotra woven? In which period the foundation of social system was laid? The aim of this project is to find and publish answers to these questions. Also part of this project is to conduct community discussions on how our understanding of Adivasi oral history should be and the challenges of writing it.

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Jaipal-Julius-Hanna National Literary Award  

National Literary Award

On the occasion of World Indigenousl Day 2022, 'Jaipal-Julius-Hannah National Literary Award' has been started to enrich Adivasi literature and encourage young Adivasi writers. The award will be given to three original and unpublished manuscripts written in any Adivasi and Indian languages and scripts, including Hindi and English. Which can be of any genre like poetry, story, novel or socio-political.
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World Indigenous Day 2022

World Indigenous Day 2022
Special Live Series

A special live series has been started from July of this year on the occasion of World Indigenous Day 2022. Starting from July 21, 2022, this series will be broadcast not every day but at an interval of two-three days till August 8, 2022, In this series, we will talk and give information on some special aspects of Adivasi life which are not noticed. As usual, this series will be broadcast on Jharkhandi Akhra YouTube channel and on Adivasi Sahitya Facebook page on 21st July at 10 PM.
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pyara kerketta jayanti 3 june 2022  

Unveiling of Pyara's Statue:

Honor cum Cultural Festival

On 3rd June 2022, on the 119th birth anniversary of Pyara Kerketta, the statue of Pyara Kerketta was unveiled at Simdega and a felicitation cum cultural function was organized at the Town Hall.

The estival was addressed by Chief Guest Naman Vixal Konagadi (MLA, Kolebira), Distinguished Guests- Pushpa Kullu (President, Municipal Council Simdega), Premanand Soreng (President Kharia Sahitya Samiti) and other dignitaries. At the same time, 18 people were honored for their outstanding work. In the cultural session, the Asurs of Netarhat, Birjia of Mahuadanr, Asanbera and Kharia of Kadamukha and Oraon team of Koromia performed a pleasing dance-song. During this, villagers from the village of Pyara Kerketta presented songs in Kharia language while youths and girls from Simdega town presented poems and songs.

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Asur Adivasi Mobile Radio

Asur Adivasi
Mobile Radio

The objective of 'Asur Adivasi Mobile Radio' is to save the endangered language and wisdome of Asur. Its operation has been started from January 2020. But due to Corona pandemic we had to stop it in March. We took the initiative again from November 2020 and started broadcasting from December. But due to the second phase of the pandemic, we had to postpone it again in March 2021. Hopefully, after the third phase of Covid-19, we will be able to start it again.

Netarhat (Jharkhand), INDIA

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Adivasidom Workshop-8


The purpose of this program is to learn Adivasi worldview and aestheticism, to understand and to share with the community, especially the youth and the new generation. This program has been conceived as a five-day residential teaching-training workshop. In which the young participants and elders will share their knowledge and experiences with each other in the affinity of the community and nature. The main aspects of this program are: What is Adivasi way and how it looks at itself as well as in all aspects of planet, how it behaves with them, how to interpret mutual relationships and coexistence.

Adivasi Film Festival 2019


Mainly this is a three-day Adivasi Film Festival where we will screening selected films made by Adivasis. Mainly it is a three-day Indigenous film festival program centered on Adivasi visual stories (cinema) in which we will screening some of the selected Adivasi films. As a cultural act, it will be an annual festival of Adivasi films that defend humanity, advocates for the Adivasi creation, struggle and rights, and denounce the human rights violations.

Adivasi Poetry Reading & Performance


It is proposed to be organized on 6th November, Sunday, 2022 in Ranchi. In the first session of this multilingual Adivasi poetry organized in collaboration with two universities of France and England, poets of different Adivasi communities of Jharkhand will recite poetry in their mother tongues. In the second session an open discussion on the Adivasi poetry tradition will be held. The final third season will see a dance-song and music performance by the Asur Adivasi team, Netarhat.

Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.