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To walk is dance, to speak is sing and to pat the body is playing a musical instrument.

Asur Adivasi Wisdom Akhra Netarhat

Asur Adivasi
Wisdom Akhra

Jobhipat, Netarhat (Jharkhand), INDIA

This Community institute has been established in May 2019, to protect the Asur language-culture and wisdom and strengthen the traditional tribal self-rule with organizing the community of Asur. Because, Asur's are struggling to save their language, culture, ancestral wisdom and traditional knowledge system. According to UNESCO World Atlas of Endangered Languages Asurr language is in Definetily Endangered category. Bauxite mines of Birla have ruined their lives. Tata has grabbed their traditional knowledge of iron making puting them marginalized. In Ved-Puranas-fables they are portrayed as demons. The victorias festivals of brutal murders of the Asur ancestors like Ravan, Mahishasura are celebrating by the Hindu's. Among all these circumstances, we have established 'Asur Adivasi Wisdom Akhra' center in Jobhipat village of Netarhat (Jharkhand) for the protection of their survival and preservation of language, culture and ancestral wisdom.

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Adivasidom Kebang Akhra  

Adivasidom Kebang Akhra

An Online Community Sharing and Learning Centre

for Adivasi community leaders, activists, students, scholars and those interested in Adivasi subjects.

Sharing knowledge and experiences to survive the future with new tools

Implementation of e-learning is a major challenge in Adivasi and rural areas where there is no internet access. But in the era of Covid-19 pandemic, e-learning and sharing has now become a global imperative. Due to this, not only educational institutions but also organizations working at the community level have been forced to do virtual activism. Keeping this new scenario in mind, we have started this online learning project. Under this online learning, one month course has been started on various issues of Adivasi subjects from September 2020.

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Adivasidom Workshop

Understanding and Sharing

Anywhere in the Adivasi area of India frome 2018

The purpose of this program is to learn Adivasi worldview and aestheticism, to understand and to share with the community, especially the youth and the new generation. This program has been conceived as a five-day residential teaching-training workshop. In which the young participants and elders will share their knowledge and experiences with each other in the affinity of the community and nature. The main aspects of this program are: What is Adivasi way and how it looks at itself as well as in all aspects of planet, how it behaves with them, how to interpret mutual relationships and coexistence.

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Adivasi Sahitya Live  


An Online Event started during Covid-19 pandemic

We started this live program when people were battling loneliness, despair and fear during the first phase of the lockdown of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Its first telecast was on 25 March 2020. It went live randomly from 25 March to 16 April 2020 and from 17 April 2020 it was named 'Adivasi Sahitya Live'. Regular telecast took place from 17th April to 3rd May 2020 i.e. twice a day. One at 3 pm and the other at 7 pm. From May 6 to May 20, 2020, it was organized only once at 7.30 pm. Under this, live programs of more than 50 Adivasi litterateurs and cultural workers from 12 states of the country have been organized so far. And, even now this live program continues in an irregular manner.

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Akhra Adivasi Books


Publication and promotion of Adivasi literature on Adivasi Worldview for a better world since 2004.

Since one year after of its inception, PKF has been involved in the work of publication to support and promote Adivasi literature. PKF firmly believes that the Adivasi worldview itself has the potential to create a beautiful and peaceful world. This is the reason that for the last two decades PKF has been publishing newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books, and making Audio-Visual presentations, motion graphics, documentaries and movies in various Adivasi and regional languages of Jharkhand, and also in Hindi and English, in total 15 languages.

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Documenting and Digitizing Endangered Languages of Jharkhand  

Documenting and Digitizing

Endangered Languages of Jharkhand

In fact Adivasi wisdom is a library of immeasurable knowledge of a particular geographical area in which the Adivasi people live.

And it is preserved in many oral languages whose documentation is essential for future generations.
Oral Adivasi wisdom is a priceless heritage of the world. The knowledge and experiences of this planet and life have been preserved by the Adivasi community in many oral forms of their languages, songs, stories and art work. But much of this priceless Adivasi knowledge and heritage remains unwritten and has not been documented and digitized. Due to external cultural pressures, whose extinction is increasing day by day. Therefore, the Foundation is committed to documenting and digitizing the oral Adivasi knowledge tradition.

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'Bankhri Gamana' is a word from Kharia Adivasi language which means to tell a story. The program was presented online from 1st May 2020 on various popular social media platforms. Its purpose was to keep people away from the stress of Kovid-19 which is the Adivasi way. In the second phase of the corona pandemic, we are once again preparing to start this popular program. Which will air simultaneously on Adivasi Sahitya's Facebook page, Jharkhandi Akhra's YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

Adivasi Film Festival 2019


Internet is the most popular and widely accessible medium in terms of transactions, expansions and collections of information. Due to the device like mobile now it has already become more effective, and it has become a habit of every human's habit. But there is a lack of accurate and factual information, data, information and photos related to Indian Adivasis on the internet. Those who are, they present very wrong, misleading, factual and stereotype racial images of the Adivasis. Therefore, it is necessary to update the information related to the Adivasis on the internet and provide as much and correct and factual information as possible. The concept of Adivasi Content Travelers program has been envisaged keeping in mind this important need. The aim of this program is to provide maximum representation of the Adivasi information and the information available on the internet (like wikipedia, youtube and other social media) with the help of the community.

Adivasi Film Festival 2019


Mainly this is a three-day Adivasi Film Festival where we will screening selected films made by Adivasis. Mainly it is a three-day Indigenous film festival program centered on Adivasi visual stories (cinema) in which we will screening some of the selected Adivasi films. As a cultural act, it will be an annual festival of Adivasi films that defend humanity, advocates for the Adivasi creation, struggle and rights, and denounce the human rights violations.

Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.