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A community house for audio, video, print, web
and multimedia training and desgin


PKF feels that the existing media in this age of globalisation and commercialization is providing nothing for the weaker and deprived sections of the society. In such a situation PKF is working to integrate communication more effectively in the development process.

One of the major objectives of the Aadhar Alternative media is to train (especially tribal and deprived sections) in theatre, print, creative media and journalism, so that our youth become self reliable and find employment oppourtunities for themselves. This will help them to address the issues of the society from where they come because they hardly get any chance of expression in the existing media.

Desgin for survival

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We follow Creativity, which is the basic character of nature.


We paint truth with our colors, not fantasies.


Film production and training is a powerful tool and way of telling our visual stories.


Strong presence of tribal languages on the Internet is our major task.

Our Impression

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Our Services

AAM offers several services that include web, print, audio-visual and multi-media desgining, presentations, publications and producions.

Adivasi Design

We Follow Adivasi Aesthetics

In our art projects and designs we mainly follow the tradition of Adivasi and Indigenous aesthetics.

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Web Development in 12 Adivasi Languages 

So far, we have designed and produced more than 60 web sites. Most of these web sites represent Adivasi content and groups.