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adivasi literature

means rhythm of creation, rhythm of survival

Adivasi literature refers to the literature in which the life and society of the tribals has been expressed as per their worldview. Adivasi literature is known throughout the world with various names. In Europe and America, it is called Native American Literature, Colored Literature, Slave Literature and African-American Literature, Black Literature in African Countries and Aboriginal Literature in Australia, and in English Literature, FirstPeople Literature and Tribal Literature. In India it is commonly called 'Adivasi literature' in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Availability of tribal literature
The literary and academic tradition of non-tribal world divides tribal literature into two categories -
1. Oral (folk) literature 
2. Written (Modern) Tribal literature

But Adivasi literate do not accept this division. They believe that since their worldviews are not in favor of any division, there is symmetry and equality in their society, so their literature is also not divided. That's the same. They call their literature 'ORATURE'. Means literature of oral tradition. Their concept is that their today's written literature is also the literature of their oral traditions. The concept of the Orature was first purposed by Ugandan tribal writer Pio Jirimu, which was accepted by most tribal writers of the world. Among them are the Nagugi Waiyanga of Africa and the Vandna Tete of India. Although still tribal literature (Adivasi Sahitya) is more acceptable in non-tribal literary and academic world.

Adivasi literature (Orature) is literally very rich and priceless in its native Aboriginal languages. The beginning of written Adivasi literature in India occurs in the early twentieth century when tribal communities come in contact with modern education in colonial days. Especially, in the tribal areas of Jharkhand and the northeast. Since then, Adivasi literature writing in English and Hindi, and other Indian languages ​​like Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Marathi etc. is on continuous progress and every year more than a hundred Adivasi books are being published in different languages.

The Pyara Karketta Foundation is the only Adivasi publisher of India who has been publishing books in 14 Adivasi and Indigenous languages (Santali, Mundari, Ho, Kharia, Kurukh, Asuri, Brijia, Malto, Khortha, Nagpuri, Kurmali, Panchpargania), including Hindi and English, for the last 18 years with the help of the community.

Our words are the rhythm of nature and the music of contemporary life.

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Adivasi literature is not a literature of fiction. This is a living literature of the relationship of the human being with the planet, nature and mother earth.

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