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You can access some important books here on Adivasi issues

Rajasthan Ke Adivasi

राजस्थान के आदिवासी

लेखक: डा. एस. के. सैनी

Bhakhar Ra Bhomia

भाखर रा भौमिया

डा. अर्जुनसिंह शेखावत

Shunya Kal Men Adivasi

शून्यकाल में आदिवासी

अश्विनी कुमार पंकज

Adivasi Rajasthan Andolan

राजस्थान में किसान एवं आदिवासी आंदोलन

डा. बृज किशोर शर्मा

Adivasi Lok Kathayen

आदिवासी लोक कथाएं

डा. श्याम सिंह ‘शशि’

Our Homeland

This is Our Homeland

A collection of essays


Goth : Gujrat Adivasi Stories

Kanji Bhai

Tribal World Of Verrier Elwin

The Tribal World Of Verrier Elwin

Mahasweta Debi

Tribal myths of Orissa

Tribal myths of Orissa

Verrier Elwin

Tribal Demography In India

Tribal Demography In India

C. B. Mamoria

Roti (1942 film)

This is a classic film from Mehboob Khan.A hard-hitting criticism of the exploitation of the starving and helpless masses of the poor by the small numbers of wealthy elite, it works beautifully as an allegory contrasting the purity of tribal life against the corruption of the city. No doubt it resonated for audiences at that time too as a smack upside the head for the government of the Raj! I was reminded of Abraham Eraly's wonderful book about the Mughal rule in India as well: the excesses in which the emperors and their courts indulged at the expense of the vast majority of the Indian population in no small part contributed to their own downfall. View movie...

Izzat (1979 FILM)

After completing his college, dark-skinned Adivasi Shekhar returns home and finds that his mother, Savli, has passed away. Distraught, he is consoled by Father Abraham, who also tells him that his mother had an affair with wealthy Ramgarh-based Thakur Pratap Singh, who refused to marry her even after she became pregnant. Shekhar decides to avenge his humiliation and sets forth to expose Pratap. Upon arrival in Ramgarh, he finds that he has a fair-skinned look-alike half-brother, Dilip, as well as a sister, Neelu. Dilip meets him, hires him as a office staff person, and asks him to impersonate him in order to meet Deepa, the only daughter of wealthy Vinodbabu. View movie...

Kadamban (2017 film)

It is a Hindi adaptation of the film made in South Indian language. The story of this movie is of a small tribal village which lives on the mountains. A mining company wants to remove them for bauxite mining from there. For this, they want to displace the tribals from there. But the tribals do not want to leave their traditional territory. The company first sends to the NGO to persecutors but tribals quickly understand their tricks. Then the company suppresses them with the help of the local criminals, forest and state police. Adivasis compete with them and eventually succeed in saving their land. View movie...

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