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timeless tales

A unique monthly program
to read and listen Adivasi narratives again

Timeless Adivasi Tales


It will be a monthly program in which we will first read some selected pieces of an old book and a new book and discuss it together. The aim of the program is to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm in Adivasi society towards books, libraries and literature and literary criticism.

Adivasi society is traditionally a oral society. To tale and listen to stories is the inborn nature of Adivasis. Reading and writing in this sense is not an interesting act for them. Yet they learned to read and write in the nineteenth-twentieth century colonial days. But in the twenty-first century, the introduction of new techniques of information and communication has changed a lot in the habit of reading books. Adivasi people have not been left with this change and they also have less interest in books. This program is meant to enhance the interest in books and to develop an environment to books reading in the Adivasi society, using the oral tradition of storytelling and listening..


The advent of new technologies like TV, Internet and Mobile have greatly influenced traditional methods of words, visuals, talking-listening, viewing-reading and mutual communication. Particularly the activities of the discussion and discussion on the books have been limited. Concerned about the library and the books which were used to be earlier, there has also been a worrisome decrease. This situation is not good for the Adivasi society which has come into the world of literature and books in the beginning of the twentieth century. While the need for books and libraries is highest. That's why we have envisaged this program. Which we are going to start from January 2022.

P R O G R A M M  E

The program is planned to be organized from 3 to 5 PM on every fourth Sunday of the month. In this we will mainly discuss the selected pieces of two books (a new and an old) and then collectively discuss it. 20 of the people in the program will be such that we will make selected books available for readings and discussions at the beginning of the month so that they can read it. The selected book can be of poetry, story, essays, etc. The author of the new book and if the author of the old book is alive then he will also be invited to the program, so that the readers can communicate directly with him. In this program, we will also invite representatives of the city's libraries who will give them information about the library and the facilities available there.

Timeless Adivasi Tales

Books for January 2022




'Bankhri Gamana' is a word from Kharia Adivasi language which means to tell a story. The program was presented online from 1st May 2020 on various popular social media platforms. Its purpose was to keep people away from the stress of Kovid-19 which is the Adivasi way. In the second phase of the corona pandemic, we are once again preparing to start this popular program. Which will air simultaneously on Adivasi Sahitya's Facebook page, Jharkhandi Akhra's YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

Adivasi Film Festival 2019


Internet is the most popular and widely accessible medium in terms of transactions, expansions and collections of information. Due to the device like mobile now it has already become more effective, and it has become a habit of every human's habit. But there is a lack of accurate and factual information, data, information and photos related to Indian Adivasis on the internet. Those who are, they present very wrong, misleading, factual and stereotype racial images of the Adivasis. Therefore, it is necessary to update the information related to the Adivasis on the internet and provide as much and correct and factual information as possible. The concept of Adivasi Content Travelers program has been envisaged keeping in mind this important need. The aim of this program is to provide maximum representation of the Adivasi information and the information available on the internet (like wikipedia, youtube and other social media) with the help of the community.

Adivasi Film Festival 2019


Mainly this is a three-day Adivasi Film Festival where we will screening selected films made by Adivasis. Mainly it is a three-day Indigenous film festival program centered on Adivasi visual stories (cinema) in which we will screening some of the selected Adivasi films. As a cultural act, it will be an annual festival of Adivasi films that defend humanity, advocates for the Adivasi creation, struggle and rights, and denounce the human rights violations.

Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.