Pyara Kerketta Foundation

Community Cultural Centre
Pyara Kerketta Foundation has taken the question of culture and languages very seriously and has started Telanga Kharia Languages and Culture Centre for the conservation, enrichment and development of indigenous languages and culture.


Educating Generations
The protection of cultural heritage and the question of social re-organization is the basic problem of the indigenous people of Jharkhand. So, PKF deeply engage in documentation of languages, art, knowledge and all forms of Adivasi wisdom.

Documenting Adivasi Wisdom
and Knowledge
Oral tribal wisdom is the world's oldest heritage. Tribal community has kept the knowledge and experiences of this planet and life in many forms of its languages, storytelling and artwork. Digitization and popularisation of all forms of tribal knowledge is the Foundation commitment.

Publishing Books, Magazines
and Audio-Visuals
The dissemination of Adivasi languages and knowledge PKF publishing newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books, and making Audio-Visual presentations, motion graphics, documentaries and movies.

Adivasi Wisdom


Western wisdom and society are based on the notion of the primacy of the individual. Indigenous Wisdom is profoundly different: in the indigenous approach to reality each person is first and foremost a part of the tribe, and the tribe is an aspect of the natural world. Learn more...

Adivasi Languages


Being the victim of internal colonialism, the Adivasii languages are going through a period of identity crisis. In fact the question of cultural identity and existence of indigenous society is deeply interlinked with the enrichment of indigenous languages. Learn more...

Adivasi Literature


Indigenous or Adivasi literature, if you want to use that label for convenience’s sake, holds many if not all of the beliefs, philosophies, worldviews of Indigenous people; it holds a history. So that Aboriginal literature really is the heart of Aboriginal being. Learn more...